Strange Sightings

Here are a few interesting examples of home gunsmiting (as opposed to gunsmithing) that I had the pleasure of spotting at recent gun shows.

There may not be anything wrong with this AR that appears to be pieced together from oddball parts but it caught my eye sufficiently to give it a closer look.  What really stood out was the use of the M203 quadrant sight mount on the carry handle to facilitate attachment of an offset red dot sight.  I can only assume that this was an ingenious adaptation intended to help a left eye dominant shooter.

Much more intriguing however was this Enfield which was a truly spectacular piece of work.  The basic functioning of the rifle appeared to remain original though the addition of a gas tube from the front sight block had me puzzled.  The use of a steel tube in the original socket for the stock was a nice touch which tied the AR grip and adjustable stock together well.  The front end was a little less functional in my estimation.  The high front sight of the AR really would not work with the original rear sight.  The handguards also did not tie in well though it may have been done to free float the barrel.

A final item, albeit not gun related, that I find quite amusing are the various guys selling knock off MAGA hats.  I have seen these at several gun shows and every last one I have seen has been a crappy made in China cap.  Whether you love or hate Trump there is something rather ironic about ostensible supporters try to cash in by selling knock off imported hats.


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