Skanky S&W Mod 65 from AIM

I finally got around to picking up the S&W Mod 65 that I ordered up from AIM a few weeks ago. They were $400 which was a little higher than I would have liked but but they didn’t have many and were described as excellent mechanical condition with minor metal finish wear. What really pushed it for me was that none of the pictures showed a hammer lock. I know it’s kinda a petty thing but I was more than a little disappointed when the Mod 65 which arrived was afflicted with that ugly little herpe on what could have otherwise been such a pretty face. Only the rest of it wasn’t all that pretty either.

Instead of the lightly worn rubber grips with their grippy texture in the pictures on both AIMs web site and Instagram mine were worn nearly completely smooth with the barest trace of texture. Although minor metal finish wear is not a defined NRA grading category against which to judge my expectations I was unhappy to find light surface rust on a the blued hammer and trigger. The remainder of the gun, being stainless,was less afflicted with rust. It however it was readily found in the cracks and crevices, like you would find cheese in the folds of a fat girl with poor hygiene.

Skanky Mod 65

In the few hours it has been in my possession I have yet to find time to shoot it however the mechanical condition appears fine though I’m not sure if I would categorize it as excellent.

In conclusion I’m not particularly impressed with AIMs description of these pieces…. I certainly wouldn’t have given them a second look if I had know this was what I would be getting. Had this been a “X” or shooter grade for $250 I would have been pretty happy but at $400 I would advise those interested in similar revolvers coming out of AIM to consider the purchase carefully.  The rusty grime in the crevices will likely buff out but that damn hammer lock will continue to be a disappointment.

All of AIMs images are copyrighted, so here is a link.  Notice a distinct lack of hammer lock in all the pics?

They looked so much nicer here….

And those pesky wheel guns #357magnum #357mag #357 #s&w #wheelgun #2ndamendment #gun

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