Serpa Shenanigans

In recent months there has been a Bonanza of inexpensive Beretta 92s from AIM Surplus and a number of other online dealers.  I’m always a sucker for a nice surplus handgun for under $300 and bought a half dozen of them between AIM and Dan’s Ammo and have been quite please with them all.  The next problem is WTF to do with this newfound pile of pistols as I did not have holsters to go around.  AIM to the rescue with $14.95 used Blackhawk Serpa holsters…. Kinda

Though I had read of the shortcomings of Blackhawk Serpa holsters I was willing to accept them as an inexpensive option.  I’m not going to carry a full size Beretta with a goofy mag release for any serious social interactions but it seemed ideal for casual situations like riding dirt bikes on the farm where retention takes precedence and there is little need to draw quickly.

Upon initial receipt the pair of holsters I ordered were a mixed bag. One appeared unused and complete and the other was worn and missing a couple screws.  Not terrible as screws are cheap and I the one holster looks new right?  Wrong… It turns out the unused holster was that way because the retention mechanism is defective.  After twenty minutes of fiddling around with it I have yet to figure out why it won’t engage and at this point I’m gonna just chalk it up as being defective.  On the plus side I know where to get the screws I need for the other holster which is functional.

In conclusion I don’t recommend buying these used Serpa holsters from AIM.  The going rate for a new Serpa holster is just a little north of $30 from a few sites I surveyed and you might as well buy new rather than roll the dice on these.




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